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Rubber & Latex Gear Care

rubber puppies enjoying their time playing while wearing sexy latex and rubber gear

Care For Your Rubber & Latex Gear

Hey Pups! Today I wanted to give a quick overview of how to look after your rubber and latex gear so your rubber pup self is wonderful and shiny for many years!

Latex is an organic product that requires ongoing care. It's not a difficult process but when done your latex clothing will have a great shine and will last you many years of enjoyment.

Below is a quick video that covers what I do to care for my rubber suits.

Latex Care Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to use a quality latex polish such as Black Beauty @ Mr S or Pjur available @ Eagle Leather
  • Just a small spray of polish on your rubber gear goes a long way. Either use your hand or a soft cloth to shine the rubber up with a simple buffing motion.
  • Rubber is delicate so be sure to avoid sharp points or snags. It's best to check your nails are not too sharp as they can tear latex if you're a too rough.
  • After wearing latex clothing it's important to wash away any sweat or other fluids off the gear. I jump into the shower and give it a gentle clean with warm water and a little dish washing liquid.
  • Once clean I lay out on a dry towel and gently pat dry.
  • Apply a small coating of latex polish will help nourish the rubber and keep in supple for your next outing.
  • Sunlight can damage latex! Be sure to store your latex hung and in a dark cupboard. This way the light is not able to cause deterioration.
  • Consider having your latex chlorinated! More information about this here -> Have You Heard Of Chlorinated Latex?
  • Avoid petroleum based lubes, they can damage rubber gear. Best to stick with water or silicone based lubes.
Gpup Alpha checking out his new chlorinated rubber catsuit. This human pup loves being a rubber puppy.

My Favourite Places To Buy Latex Gear

Have a great day! Hugs and rubbery tugs... GPup Alpha

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