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Celebrating The Mr S Neoprene Puppy Hood

the neoprene dog hood is an iconic design and I wanted to take the time to celebrate the great puppy mask created by the neoprene pup mask team in design.

Today I wanted to take a little time to send some love to Mr S Leather and thank them for their wonderfully designed neoprene puppy hood.

Created by the amazing Chris who runs the neoprene gear production @ Mr S, this versatile puppy mask represents many months of design and creative energy so human pups world wide are able to enjoy this fun way to express their inner pup selves.

I love the versatility of the hood as well as how simple it is to get on and off when out and about. As you can see in the pictures, our pack and friends have enjoyed out hoods, not just in Australia but across the world!

As I always recommend, go with the original and the best:

Check out the neoprene puppy hood here @ Mr S

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