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This Is Not A Safe Human Pup Collar


Hey Pups, I was going through my tumblr tonight and noticed this pic…

Sure it’s a hot pic but when it comes to human pup play this is not a safe option for a human dog collar. Heck there are some animal advocates who would say they are not even safe for a bio pup.

If you consider the contents of the neck do you really want metal spikes poking into your windpipe?

Other important structures of the neck that could be harmed by this collar include the carotid artery, the jugular (both very large and important conduits of blood to and from the brain), you also have a large amount of important nerves that pass very close to the surface of the neck.

So yes, for a fantasy picture this may look hot however in reality they are very unsafe.

If you are looking for a human pup collar there are heaps of great choices such as the leather dawg collar and my favourite the chainmail collar.

Leather Dawg Collar

Leather Puppy Collar

chainmail slave collar

Mr S Chainmail Slave Collar

Things to look out for when choosing a collar include, is there any spikes that could harm me or another pup? Is it comfortable? Does the collar represent my own pup persona? With so many pup collars available it’s not too hard to find the right collar for you.

Stay safe pups!

Gpup Alpha

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