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My First Official Outing As A Pup

Hey there Guys,

Today I wanted to share part of a great article published by a good mate over at Gay Express in New Zealand. Leif has really captured the elements of pup play that I enjoy. It’s fun, it’s about being in the now and that wonderful feeling of having entered pup space.

Like the name suggests, this type of play relies on one person taking on the mouthy, tail-wagging, toy-chasing characteristics of a dog while their partner, aka handler or trainer, guides the scene, treating their frisky friend to the same treatment as a genuine canine. It’s a hoot for everyone involved and can also open one up to a deeper, primal connection to sex and the day-to-day world beyond.

Most people into pup play are simply drawn to its primal allure, not to mention genuine innocence and playfulness it embodies. It can range from a simple romp in knee pads around the bedroom to an all-out euphoria associated with going deep into the mindset of a dog, commonly called “the pupspace” or “pupzone”. The key thing with pup play, as with sex in general, is that although guidelines are there to lead it there are no rules as such. It’s up to the players to outline the confines of the scene and where they’ll allow it to go. Allowing it to flow naturally and spontaneously is the best way to get the most out of it.

This weekend I was fortunate enough to meet a few other pups in my local area. Attending a leather event for the first time as a pup was new for me but something I really enjoyed. Decked out in my puppy collar, leather pants and cheeky pup handkerchief I have made my first declaration of my love for being a pup to my friends and local mates.

While not 100% sure how people would take the idea of my pupdom I was pleasantly surprised that it was almost a non event. I chatted, danced,  enjoyed a beer and even had my boots polished by another pup.

While I’m not sure people took the idea of my pup shirt to the same level I did, I felt liberated, confident and proud.

Proud to be a pup. Proud to be part of an amazing pack with my own cool pup brother.

A wonderful experience and I know there are going to be many more pup adventures to come 🙂

Hugs and tugs.


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