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Check out this great RubberDawg interview


I was just cruising around the net and came across  this great interview of RubberDawg at
Just An Ordinary Boy Who Is Also A Human Pup.

I have been fortunate enough to not only have met RubberDawg but to also have a wonderful hood and set of paws made by him.

Given that RubberDawg is the king of the rubber puppy play hood I thought you might enjoy this interview.

How/Why you decided to get into hood making?

It all started when I went to a Rubber party in Palm Springs…… They said that they were going to have a “Puppy Play Area” I thought that would be fun. (I dabbled in puppy play before) I saw what was out there, hood wise, most of the Leather hoods looked like monkeys to me….I figured I can make me one.

I have been working with Liquid Latex for making molds for years.

I made one…it was ok….I still had a little time….I made another, better…still had time…I made a third.I took all 3 to the party, people went ballistic over them…

Thorn of Instigator Magazine was there.He backed me up against the refrigerator and said “You HAVE to sell these, I’ll help you….”

Over the next few months I cleaned up the designs, made them with zippers (The first ones you just pulled over your head, OK putting it on…HARD to take off. My lover and I planned a trip to Europe, Thorn set up an appointment with the buyer for Mr. BS of Amsterdam.

I showed them what I had…….they ordered 25…that is what really started it ALL. From there it has just gotten bigger and bigger, Rubberdawg is ALL I do…7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day.

There is more to the interview, feel free to check out the original post here.

Hugs and tugs.


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