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Super Mr S Leather Unboxing Video!

Hey Pups! Super excited to be sharing my first Mr S Leather unboxing video!

Normally I rip into the gear as soon as the package arrived however today I wanted to wait and share the excitement of opening this sweet box of my favourite kinky gear.

With Christmas and the holiday season just around the corner just imagine the excitement of your loved ones and friends if they were having a similar unboxing experience!!!

So yes, there is some fun gear I purchased this time around. Featured items include:

K9 Leather Puppy Hood: http://glink.me/k9hood
Maskulo Gear: http://glink.me/maskulo
Fuck Gear Chap Short: http://glink.me/fgchapshort
Crossbow Body Harness: http://glink.me/crossbow
Oxballs Cock Lock: http://glink.me/cocklocl
Barrel Tit Clamps: http://glink.me/barreltitclamps
Phone Holster: http://glink.me/phoneholster
Deluxe Leather Sleepsack: http://glink.me/deluxesleepsack
Sleepsack Padded Leg Cushion: http://glink.me/paddedlegcushion

As you can probably tell from the video I am most excited by the leather sleepsack I purchased! Look out Melbourne there is going to be some exciting new "hanging art" at my next gaming day..

If you remember my "Gimp and Board Gaming" post then I am sure you get the idea!

So pups! Just wanted to share the joy of getting a great box of gear arrive to your door.

As I said, the holiday season is just around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking, what kinky things would I like to share with my close and loved ones?

Of course you can check out all the great gear here at Mr S Leather.

Check Out All The Mr S Gear Here

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha

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