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Awesome Leather Pup Photoshoot

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the amazing Skye from One Last Look Photography… Had the best photoshoot…

Kick ass results don’t you think? This is one very happy leather dog





Neoprene Pup Mask With Gas Mask

Love this picture of Bouncer Pup from The Dog Star Pack showing just how perfectly the neoprene pup mask goes with his gas mask…

Neoprene Dog Mask & Gas Mask

Neoprene Dog Mask & Gas Mask

For the rubber and gas mask pups in the room it’s pretty cool to know you are able to combine your pup self with your rubber pig side 😉


You can check out the gear here:

Hugs and tugs

Gpup Alpha


Seca In His Neoprene Pup Hood

Neoprene Pup Hood By Mr S Leather

Pup Seca recently visited us Down Under and we had a great pup time together. As luck would have it his new neoprene dog hood arrived just before camp.

I have to say it’s such a pleasure to be able to host such wonderful international guests and we always welcome all members of the human pup training community with open arms.

If you’d like to learn more about Seca he’s a member of The Dog Star Pack in the USA and can be found on Tumblr and FaceBook here.

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha


Human Pup Trainer Stephen Morgan @ IML 2016

Stephen Morgan IML contestant and human puppy trainer

From Great Lakes Den:

Laird Leatherman Stephen Morgan was asked to pick one or two of the fellow contestants and how he would train them as a human pup. He chose Mr. Chicago Leather Todd Harris, because he doesn’t like pups who are well behaved and he would take him out on a leash and parade him around.

Great to see you are having such an amazing time Steve and remember us human dogs are here cheering for you back home.


Pup Jax Share His Custom Pup Hood Story

Just wanted to share this video of one of my pack mates Jax talking about his inspiration for the creation of his custom leather dog hood.

I love how he has taken a slightly different tangent in using a anime character from his childhood as inspiration for his new hood.

Sailor Moon is a fun character and certainly fits well with his own pup persona. Lots of fun, caring and there for those he cares for.

What I love is that his hood is so distinct and different there is no way you are going to mix up Jax in a crowd!

If you’d like to create your own custom pup hood you can check out the guidelines here @ Mr S Leather:

Create Your Own Custom Pup Hood

Hugs and tugs!

Gpup Alpha


Where To From Here?

The Future Of Pup Play


This Is Not A Safe Human Pup Collar


Hey Pups, I was going through my tumblr tonight and noticed this pic…

Sure it’s a hot pic but when it comes to human pup play this is not a safe option for a human dog collar. Heck there are some animal advocates who would say they are not even safe for a bio pup.

If you consider the contents of the neck do you really want metal spikes poking into your windpipe?

Other important structures of the neck that could be harmed by this collar include the carotid artery, the jugular (both very large and important conduits of blood to and from the brain), you also have a large amount of important nerves that pass very close to the surface of the neck.

So yes, for a fantasy picture this may look hot however in reality they are very unsafe.

If you are looking for a human pup collar there are heaps of great choices such as the leather dawg collar and my favourite the chainmail collar.

Leather Dawg Collar

Leather Puppy Collar

chainmail slave collar

Mr S Chainmail Slave Collar

Things to look out for when choosing a collar include, is there any spikes that could harm me or another pup? Is it comfortable? Does the collar represent my own pup persona? With so many pup collars available it’s not too hard to find the right collar for you.

Stay safe pups!

Gpup Alpha


Valentines Ideas For Your Pup

This Valentine’s day why not show your pup some good old loving…

Pup Collar:

Show your pup you love him for the long term 🙂

Puppy Tail:

Help your pup show their happiness with a colourful puppy tail.

Pup Gauntlet:

Your pup can show his true colours no matter whether he’s in full gear or not.
Just some ideas in case you were wondering what to suggest for that special pup in your life.
Hugs and tugs.

Gpup Alpha



Valentines Day Gift Idea #1

Hey there Pups! So today I wanted to share a couple of ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts…

For me this is one of my faves… Nothing says love like a good old fashioned flogging.

So may I recommend:

Padded Wrist Restraints: Because padding shows you love and care.

Deluxe Ball Gag: Nobody likes listening to a whiney sub. 😉

Leather Flogger: I love a great medium weight leather flogger, the perfect combination of thud and sting.

So yea… This Valentines why not leave more than a smile on your love 😉

Hugs, tugs and a thumping flogging.

Gpup Alpha


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