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My Favorite Pup Play Memories

Gpup Alpha My Favorite Pup Play MemoriesHey there Pups! Today Pup Cerberus asked a really interesting question that I wanted to answer. His question was: “What are your favorite pup experiences?”. For me pup play has been such a wonderful addition to my life I just wanted to share this quick video I made on my two favorite puppy play experiences.

My Favorite Pup Play Memories

As I mentioned in the video my two favorite pup play experiences have been the first time I met a human pup and my first introduction to pup play with my master.

Almost 7 years ago I attended Dore Alley a leather fair in San Francisco. During this visit there were a number of human dogs around including a pack of rubber dogs and a wonderful leather pup who I ended out chatting with for quite some time. Initially I was unsure how to approach so I talked to his master that I was missing my biopups back home and could I pat his dog?

Both the pup and his master were the most lovely guys and they were very kind to explain their lives and what pup play meant to them. I was so impressed at what great guys they were that my passion for human pup play was started!

It took quite a few years before I met my master however my first  pup play meeting is a memory I will always remember.

The Day I Was Collared

I was nervous. On meeting my master Pup Boss the first thing he had me do as a pup was to go into “present”. I had no idea what to do so I sat on all fours and leant my head against his belly. At this point he gently patted me on the head and scratched me behind my ear. I was in pup play heaven!

A bit later he laid out a leather puppy collar and instructed me that when I was ready to submit to his training I was to take the collar to him and he would place it on me. That moment was magical. I’m so happy I took the step to join the pup play brotherhood.

These are two of my most treasured pup play moments. Can I ask what are yours?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Hugs and tugs.



Is Human Pup Play Really Just About Being A Sub?

Human Pup Play Friend GpupHey there Pups! Recently I was sent a question from one of my mates who was interested my passion for human pup play. Not knowing much about puppy play he asked me how being a “human dog” was different to being a sub.

For me the puppy play and subbing a pretty much chalk and cheese.

How Is Human Pup Play Different From Being A Sub?

For me puppy play is about relase, relaxation and fun. While I’m still learning about pup space the times I’ve entered it it’s a great feeling where time is “now”. I don’t have to worry about the future or the past. It’s time to just enjoy sensations, smells and enjoy those primal feelings that have always made me feel that yes indeed I’m definitely some form of human dog…

Indeed there are some elements of submission: I follow my masters orders, I submit to allowing my mind to just sit and enjoy the pleasure of being in the present. To say that human pup play is all about being a sub really misses the sole of pup play that attracted me to it in the first place.

Of course this is just my opinion. My master, Pup Boss of Sirius Pups introduces the idea of pup space and other important characteristics he looks for in a human pup. Check out his post here:
What I Look For In A Pup

I know that like there are many different types of biopups in the world, so to is the range of human dogs. Today I thought it would be nice to hear from you. What are you thoughts on pup play? What attracted you to gear up and become an human pup?

Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂




Safety In Human Pup Play

Hey there Pups! Today I wanted to cover a pretty important topic for my pup play brothers: Safety. I was recently chatting with a master who was telling me he preferred to play with his pup when the pup was under the influence of substances. He said it made the pup easier to handle. This has me quite worried as human pup play can be rather intense and adding substances to the mix can make it down right dangerous.

Human Pup Play Safety

Human pup play can be both physically and emotionally demanding. There is a lot of trust involved in addition to physical activity and postures we are rarely due when in full human mode. My biggest concerns are that if a pup is under the influence he may miss important signals from his body of potential injury or fatigue. Even more worrying is that because most pups like to wear a mask, trainers may miss important signals of distress as they won’t be able to see the pup’s face.

Another mask related concern is that if a puppy was to suddenly become sick and vomit there is a risk of not being able to get the mask off quickly leading to choking or aspiration. These events do happen and when it does every second counts.

From a psychological perspective human pup play can be very demanding. While we understand that we can never completely lose contact with our human side, drugs could make this line blurry, confusing or even distressing. A distressed dog can be very agressive and unpredictable, imagine what a distressed, intoxicated human dog could be like!

As part of human pup play, in fact all s&m really there is a large amount of trust placed into the trainer or master to care for the pup. If a trainer is intoxicated there is a high risk of missing important signals, distress and both physical and psychological harm. I strongly suggest that pups never play with a master if they are intoxicated or under the influence of substances.

For the above mentioned reasons my pack, Sirius Pup, has a strict no drug policy. We take our safety seriously and want to help encourage the care and love of every person that enjoys human pup play. We love our puppy play and hope to be doing it for many years to come. Doesn’t everyone?

Hugs and tugs guys!



Two Essential Pieces Of Human Puppy Gear

essential human puppy gear

My Two Essential Pieces Of Human Puppy Gear

Hey there Pups. Just this week I was talking with my Master about what I considered the essential pieces of human puppy gear every pup should own. It’s an interesting question as human pup play is certainly not mainstream so I’ve adapted a lot of my gear to fit in with my pup play. I like a lot of stuff, leather, rubber, masks, football gear, jockstraps. The list is huge!

The question about what gear makes me feel most like a pup is an interesting one but as I suggest to any pup who is just getting into human pup play I recommend two essential pieces.

Gpup’s Two Essential Pieces Of Human Puppy Gear

As I mentioned in the video I highly recommend getting yourself a collar. My first collar was given to me by my master. I still remember that day. Sir laid out a number of collars. At the start of the session he explained to me that those collars were there for me. When I was ready to submit, to be his pup I was to ask if I could be collared.

It was not till towards the end of my session that I felt ready to take that step but I tell you I have never looked back. I love my collar and have never looked back! For times when I am fully immersed in my puppy play I wear the same leather collar that you see in the video. For times that I am at work or need to be a little more “conventional” I will wear my chainmail collar or my talon steel collar.

Every puppy has a different personality so I recommend choosing a collar that is right for you. Mr S Leather has a fantastic selection and I highly recommend checking their range out.
Click here to see the great range of collars at Mr S Leather

Other places to consider shopping for human puppy gear is your local pet store. Many of the bigger breed dog collars just happen to fit humans equally well. You can even get a tag made at the same time! Probably not the best idea to get caught trying them all on, but depending on where you go shopping you may have a human pet play friendly staff member 😉 .

My Second Important Piece Of Human Puppy Gear

The second and perhaps most vital piece of puppy play gear is to get yourself a tail. While normally I would suggest getting the cheapest or most accessible toy and adapt, this is one piece you don’t want to go cheap with.

Guys this is going to be sitting inside your butt for a decent amount of time, cheaper mass made toys can contain highly abrasive chemicals that can damage the delicate tissue of your ass. For your own safety I recommend buying only high quality silicone puppy play tails. When looked after carefully a tail will last for a lifetime!

Currently the only human puppy tail I can recommend is from the guys at Square Peg. These guys produce an awesome range of puppy tails and are made to a very high standard with top grade silicone. My Square Peg tail is nice a soft with no sharp edges that can cut or tear my ass yet it’s firm enough to make insertion easy and has a nice “wag”.

When I am in the mood to slip into my “pup space” there is nothing like inserting my tail to get me in the pup zone faster then I can say “woof ahrrroooooo”.

Again Mr S has a great range and I’ve had nothing but great service. Each of my packages have arrived in a plain brown box so my neighbours have never gotten curious when left at my home. This is a link to the “woofy tail” that I showed in the video but be sure to check out all the Square Peg puppy toys as there is a lot of different stuff you are sure to enjoy.

As I mentioned in the video there are heaps of other human puppy gear you’ll collect over time, but when you are starting I recommend just these two things first. A nice collar and a tail. You’ll be amazed at home much awesome pup play fun you’ll get from these two items!

Hugs and tugs.



Check out this awesome RubberDawg interview

Gpup in his RubberDawg mask

Gpup in his RubberDawg mask

Hey there Pups. I was just doing a touch of research on the net and came across a great interview with none other then RubberDawg, the best dam rubber puppy hood maker in the world.

As a taster here’s an excerpt from the San Diego City Beat interview:

Eight years ago, Moats’ [RubberDawg’s] professional life took a sharp turn. That’s when he first heard of puppy play. “I really didn’t think that much of it,” he recalls. It wasn’t until a friend showed him a rubber mask that Moats’ tail started waggling.

“Latex is my big thing, and he let me try it on, and I thought it was kind of cool. I remember thinking, That could be kinda fun, being on your hands and knees and roaming around the house.”

An invitation to a fetish party in Palm Springs later, Moats’ artistic juices started flowing. Considering that “everything that was out there looked like garbage,” he took matters into his own paws—he’d made a clay mold and brought an original mask of his own to the party.

The results made attendees at that gathering bark and howl. One even pissed himself in excitement, Moats says. It was clear to him that he’d found his new calling.

All I can say is that I’m dam glad that RubberDawg was introduced to puppy play mask making. I’m very proud to be an owner of a fantastic RubberDawg mask and the fact that it’s a one off original makes me a very happy pup indeed!

If you are patient and have the money available you too can invest in your own RubberDawg pup play hood. You can check out his site here: http://www.rubberdawg.com/ Be sure to tell him Gpup from Australia sent ya.

If you would prefer to get your mask a little faster the guys at Mr S also stock a number of RubberDawg Masks. Click here to see the RubberDawg masks at Mr S

Woof Woof Ahhhroooooooo! What would be your fantasy pup hood?


Check out the full article here:



Congratulations Pup Hercules

Pup Hercules Winner of Midwest Pup Competition 2012

Pup Hercules: Winner Of The Midwest Pup Competition 2012

Hey Pups! I just wanted to take the time out to congratulate Pup Hercules on his winning of the Midwest Puppy Contest just this past weekend. Unfortunately I not been able to find any video of the weekend, does anyone have any links?

I have to say I’m really excited to see just how popular pup play has become and it’s great to see so many awesome puppy contests that are popping up. I wonder if there are any pups here in Australia that might be interested in a get together?  I must have a chat to Sir about that.

I do have one question though. I still haven’t got the concept of the puppy pit. Can anyone tell me a bit more about what it involves. Is there any kinda rules or is it sniff and mount at will? Sounds awesome but I’d hate to make a wrong impression, I’m a good pup after all…

Anyways, huge hugs and tugs to you Hercules. Sending you out heaps of pup love from me and the rest of the Sirius Pups down under.

Gpup Alpha


My First Human Puppy Training: Posture

human puppy training

At my pack Sirius Pups I am proud to be the Alpha pup serving my Boss an expert in human puppy training. Pup training has opened my heart and my mind. Never in my dreams did I imagine I would ever find a pack, a master and a cool pup brother to share my play with. I consider myself a very lucky pup indeed.

As a reminder to me but also for pups that may join the pack I wanted to share some of the human puppy training guides, or as they are called at Sirius Pups: first collar trainings and their meaning to me. The first training I had as a Sirius Pup was posture.

I will always remember my first meeting with Sir. As I entered I was initially unsure of what to expect, I was nervous. The first instruction I received as a pup was:

“Down on your knees. Present”

While I was not 100% sure of what to do I went with my instincts. Knee’s down, feet tucked under and fists on my knees. Exactly as I am pictured above. This was my first command in my journey, my first go to present proud for my master. I knew then and there I was destined for pup hood.

In the present position I started to notice a few cool things. The world looks different from the floor. Looking up at Sir I was able to start to get an understanding of his role. Not menacing, not cruel, he simply looked down and rubbed behind my ear and said those magic words… Good dog.

In that training I also learned to “kneel” and “all fours”. Each feels different, each has a different role. In present I am alert yet relaxed. Kneel and I’m watching master for my next command. Sometimes that is for a treat or even better to be marked. When kneeled Sir has access to my back and front to mark, loading my skin with his wonderful scent.

In all fours my ass is proud, my tail is wagging and I’m feeling very much in pup space. I often watch my dogs at home, and how they interact from this position. My male is very playful and from this position he will bow when he’s ready for play. While biopup training is different from human puppy training there are certainly many parallels that I’ve noticed.

In this first session of human puppy training I also received two treasured pieces of pup gear. My puppy tail and my very first collar. I’ll be sharing more about this in my next post.

Catch you then. Hugs and tugs.



Muddy Pup!

Hey there Pups!

Today I wanted to share a great video of one of my pup buddies Vaelyn Dire BlackWolf (AKA Supermutt) in a fun pup play session in the mud!

Watching this video made me realize how long it’s been since I have had the chance to play this way, let alone play in the mud.  It looks like such awesome fun.

One day I hope to be able to visit my pup brothers in the USA and I am definitely going to be putting a nice muddy play session onto the agenda.

So pup, what’s your favorite play to just pup out and enjoy on your weekend?




Introducing Sirius Pups and my Master

gpup alpha and his master PupBoss at Sirius Pups

Gpup Alpha and his Master PupBoss

Hi there, today I wanted to share an introduction video of myself and my Master PupBoss at Sirius Pups. We are very proud of our pack and I am 100% stoked to be the alpha of the pack.

Sirius Pups is our human pup play pack based in down under. Together we are working to help increase the profile of pup play in Australia.

Sirius Pups Is On The Net

PupBoss has been working hard on a great website that is already serving as my guide to pup play. From Sir’s introduction at SiriusPup.net:

The Sirius Pup Squad was formed July 2012. It is a pack, led by PupBoss Jyan, which is centred on training and educating pups in Australia and giving them a safe place to play. We choose to focus on loyalty, mutual support and brotherhood, with every pack member loving and looking out for the other.

With Sir, myself and my sexy pup brother Trooper Bravo we are in the growth and journey of learning. It’s a wonderful environment and we are enjoying watching the growth of Sirius Pups.

More news soon, hugs and tugs,



What can a human pup expect of a master?

Human Pup Gpup Outdoors

Me, Gpup, photographed at my most recent training with Sir

In his most recent post “What I Look For In A Pup”my Master, Pup Boss Jyan, shared his thoughts on the importance of openness when it comes to being a master and also as a human pup.

One of the biggest barriers I had felt when it came to my outward expression of puphood was fear.

I was fearful of what my partner of more then a decade would think, I was worried about what my friends may say if they found out I longed to express myself through the eyes of a pup. While this was more focused with my human puppy training, I could also see this was a theme of my life: worrying what others felt, projecting my own anxieties onto others in ways that stopped my movement towards the love and care of my desires.

Through my own pup journey I have learned the value of trust, of understanding that I can share my inner thoughts and desires and surprisingly the world would not explode. I had the freedom to be open with my Master and most importantly, to myself. I’ve learned there is more to being a pup then a puppy mask and collar.

Through my exploration of my pup self I have learned many skills that have spilled into my human world. My mind has developed a sense of calm. Observation of my own biopups has enriched my world. I see the pure joy they have in life.

My pup life has enabled me to find peace when there are times I would be anxious. I am able to slow down, take in the scenery, to observe and enjoy.

I can trust, trust in my own abilities and those of others. I can trust that they know what needs to be done, to give space and time to allow what needs to happen, happen.

Each night as I watch my beautiful shepherd pups as they relax by my side knowing they are safe with me, I can reflect that I too have this same peace when I am present in the training with my master.

Human pup play has opened my mind, and I am eternally grateful to my Master for seeing my potential. For supporting my journey, for being open to my growth. My teacher, my guide and most importantly my friend.

For this I am eternally grateful…

Hugs and tugs



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