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Mega Excited! Neoprene Sleep Sack Ordered!

neoprene sleep sackMega happy pup today! I’ve placed my order for a brand spanking new neoprene sleep sack.

I was first introduced to sleep sack play at our last pack meet and while it was initially scary I can remember that the moment I was released and in the arms of my Master I just wanted to jump straight back in so I could have that feeling again!

You can read the full story including a recording of my conversation with pup bro Wolf at this post:

Gpup’s First Sleep Sack Experience.

Expect an unboxing video the moment the new gear arrives!

BTW you can check out the neoprene sleep sack here at Mr S.

Hugs and tugs pups 🙂

Gpup “I’ll just be in the sleepsack” Alpha 🙂


My Sleep Sack Bondage Discovery

Gpup in sleep sackHey there Pups! Today I wanted so share a story I did recently about my first sleep sack bondage experience.

I have to say it was definitely a new and very exciting experience!

Also I have reviewed 4 sleeps sacks from the Mr S range including the: leather sleep sack, rubber sleep sack, neoprene sleep sack and their super deluxe sleep sack.

Included in a great interview with Pup Wolf my amazing pup brother.

Check out the post here: Gpups First Sleep Sack Bondage Experience.

Hugs and Tugs

Gpup Alpha


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