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Has Human Pup Play Opened Your Kink World?

sleep sack bondage

Hey Pups! So I’ve just finished an amazing week of pup training, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras festivals and getting to “hang out” with some amazing friends from across the seas… I’m sitting in the lounge at the airport and just relaxing and thinking about all that human pup play has gifted me.

On gift I love about human puppy play is that it has opened my world of kink.

Take above… I never imagined I would be discovering sleep sack bondage, I never imagined I would be hung from a wall in the middle of a 1800’s convict camp in the middle of Sydney harbour, vulnerable, open, exposed…

Human dog training is what has opened that door. A door of fun, friendship and most important to me a door of learning. My Mentor, Master, Sir and now partner has been there for me, teaching, guiding, caring… I am externally grateful.

I have learned about me. My strengths, my vulnerabilities, I have learned mental strength, I have discovered friends and family across the world.

This price of this learning was to be open in mind, open in my heart and understanding that some journeys don’t always take a straight line. Some journeys take courage. That first tentative step can be unnerving. Most important journeys are.

My journey has opened my mind to kink, to exploration, to feeling safe to share and be honest about my own desires, passions and fantasies…

So pup, may I ask? What has puppy play opened for you?

Gpup Alpha


60 Second Interview: Pup Gadget & Seca Pup

Today I wanted to share a brief 60 second interview with international pups Pup Gadget (USA) and Seca Pup (New Zealand) currently visiting Australia.

Question 1: How did you discover human pup play?

Gadget: I discovered the idea pup play 10 years ago but found my inner puppy around 8 years ago when I actually felt what it is to be a pup and now just pretending to be a dog.

Seca: I discovered pup play 8 years ago, about mid 2009. I was introduced to it from friends in the European community.

Question 2: What is the biggest thing human puppy play has given you?

Gadget: Amazing friends internationally as well as the ability to better cope with life stresses by allowing me to free my mind of the past and future and to then live in the now.

Seca: Pup play has given me the freedom to express myself, allowing me to be who I wish to allow people to see in my own manner.

Question 3: Where do you see human pup play in the next 5 years?

Gadget: I see pup play going more mainstream and less of a fad but to go beyond primarily gay males to include all gender and all sexual expressions.

Seca: I see the community getting smaller in some ways but closer. I also feel that there will be new generations that will use it for the gear side.

Thanks pups and hugs thanks for visiting “Down Under” I hope you’ve enjoyed Australia as much as we have enjoying showing you this amazing country!


Wrestler Suit For Your Next Puppy Play Mosh

pup play wrestler suit

Hey pups! Not sure about you but I am a huge fan of the feel of spandex nice and tight against my skin… Don’t get me wrong I love my leather and rubber gear however in summer or the heat of a puppy mosh I love the cool feeling of a nice spandex wrestler suit for pupping out.

Now most anyone can get a regular wrestling suit to show your colours and what you enjoy. Heck if you have a favourite state wrestling team then your choice is pretty much made lol.

Wrestler Singlets Amazon

Check Out Wrestler Singlets @ Amazon

One thing that is not so easy to get is a wrestler suit that has no ass!

human pup play wrestler suitThese wrestler suits from Mr S Leather are great as they have a great open ass so you can wear your tail and show your true pup self.

In the rough and tumble of a pup mosh I would probably recommend wearing a tail harness if you are going insertable.  You don’t want to be spitting them across the room (check them out here).

What I enjoy about my wrestler suits is that they are super comfortable. I am able to freely move and there is little risk of my suit getting caught on anything. I also have piercings so with the lycra covering my pierced nipples there is a very low chance of them getting caught as well.

The suits are super airy so as the puppy mosh heats up I don’t! 🙂

If you are feeling more modest Mr S also has a range of wrestler singlets that don’t have the ass removed. So be sure you check out all the range.

Check out the wrestler singlet range here @ Mr S Leather

Hugs and tugs, Gpup Alpha



New Anal Prep Harness By Oxballs

oxballs hole harness

Oxballs Toys has just released a nice new anal opener / harness that is perfect for puppy play the Hole Harness.

As you can see in the picture it’s a nice combo of cock ring and harness however the new addition is the cone that helps keep the ass nice and open for your pleasure.

At whim your Master will be able to mark, breed or fuck you as your ass is always going to be open and ready. When he’s done with your ass he can simply plug it closed with the tail section of the Oxballs Tail Fuck pictured below.


oxballs tail fuck

For me this is a perfect addition for a sexy sub pup. It’s great to have a harness that does not impede access to the hole for when I am getting hot and ready to breed.

Nice combo 🙂

You can check them both out here @ Mr S Leather


Rubber Pup Get’s Milked | Pup Play Porn

Ok so I might be late to the party but I’ve just discovered the pup play section in a few adult vid sites 😉 It seems that pup play porn is thriving!

Take for example this handsome rubber dog who’s getting milked by his Misterss… Lucky pup 🙂


Human Pup Collars That Can Harm: Please Avoid Spike & Shock Collars


Safety With Human Pup Collars

Click For Full Video Transcript

Hey, Sir Pounder and Sir Roscoe, and all of you attending the Midwest Fur Fest. It’s Gpup Alpha here, coming to you from Melbourne, Australia.
I just wanted to talk about something that I’m very passionate about, and that’s safety with collars. Now, I know that there’s a lot of people who love the spiked collars, as well as the shock collars, and I want to have a brief chat about them and how they can be used safety, because they can also be used in a way that can cause serious harm.
As you can see here, there are a number of very important structures in the neck that are very close to the surface, and these include nerves, arteries, and veins. Anything that’s spiky has the potential to burst not only the veins, but also the arteries. This can lead to very significant bleeding. Huge volumes of blood pass through arteries and they are supplying the brain, anything that could disrupt them can cause significant harm. The other thing to be aware of, is that any pressure on the neck can also cause harm to these structures, because when you push against the carotid artery, that’s the main one in the neck, it can actually slow the heart and in some cases even stop the heart. For this reason, it’s very important: Do not wear spiked collars with the spikes pointing in. It’s just too dangerous. It might be a hot look for a photo, but wearing it is very, very dangerous. If you want to wear a spiked collar, turn it inside out with the spikes pointing out. Much, much safer. However, my recommendation is don’t wear them at all.
When it comes to shock collars, this can cause very big, big harm, and the reason for this is because electricity can also disrupt the function of the heart. As I was saying, you put electricity through the carotid artery, there’s lots and lots of nerve in that area, and again it can slow the heart and also stop the heart. There are also other structures there, and all of the nerves coming out of the base of the skull going down into the arms and down into the body. Other nerves include the phrenic nerve, which is the one that helps you to breathe. These are things you do not want to disturb in any way. Again, do not wear electro-shock collars around the neck. It’s too, too dangerous. If you feel that you need to use electro-shock collars, pump it around the pup’s wrist, or around their leg, far away from the heart as possible.
If a pup has any issues with their heart, if they have a pacemaker or if they are epileptic, they should never be used. Again, I do not recommend the use of shock collars in any way. If you are going to use them, maybe for a photo with no batteries inside them, however I have witnessed pups having seizures when shock collars were used on them. It’s too dangerous, please, please, please don’t use them. I’m going to hand back now to Sir Roscoe and Sir Pounder, and I wish you the absolute best at the Midwest Fur Fest. I wish I could be there, but perhaps next year I’ll be able to get my fluffy butt over there. Have a fantastic day. See you, guys.

Just wanted to share this video on human pup collar safety I created for Sir Pounder & Rosco’s Puppy 101 session at the Midwest Fur Fest 2016.

Important take home points include:

  • There are some very important structures in the neck that can be easily damaged by spikes or electricity. Spike collars, also called pinch collars or prong collars can damage these delicate structures leading to significant bleeding, alterations in the heart and also puncture the windpipe in extreme use.
  • If you are keen to use spike collars for a photo or to wear out I recommend turning them inside out so the prongs point outwards. The still give an agressive look without the danger.
  • Shock collars are very dangerous around the neck. Again they can cause changes in the important nerves of the neck including the phrenic and vagus nerves. Electricity on these nerves can lead to alterations in breathing, heart and even stop the heart completely.
  • It’s important that they are never used in a person with heart disease, pace makers, electrical stimulators or epilepsy.
  • If you are going to use them, perhaps grab one that vibrates rather than shocks.
  • Never place the collar near the neck, if used at all I suggest trying the wrist on ankle, well away from the heart.

Hugs and tugs in happy puppy play safety!

Gpup Alpha

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