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Avoiding Dehydration & Heatstroke While Wearing Latex & Rubber

safety with rubber and latex gear

Recently my partner Jyan and I attended the amazing Folsom Europe in Berlin. I was amazed at how many rubber pups were in attendance. Sadly one hot day there was a medical emergency I needed to attend due to heatstroke. Today I thought it was important to discuss how to stay safe and avoid dehydration and heatstroke while wearing your favourite latex and rubber gear.

How To Stay Safe In Full Rubber Gear

What Are The Signs Of Heatstroke or Dehydration In Rubber?

The early signs of heat stroke can be subtle so be aware of the following signs of things starting to go wrong:

  • Becoming thirsty
  • Feelings of confusion, irritability or disorientation
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle or abdominal cramps
  • Fainting
  • Seizures if allowed to go too far

What Is The First Aid For Heat Stroke?

  • Get the person out of the sun and into a cool shaded area away from the heat.
  • Remove the person's hood and as much of the rubber gear as modesty will allow so they can cool off.
  • If the person is alert give small sips of water, cordial or sports drink to help replenish fluids.
  • If they are not starting to feel better, or they are starting to get worse:
  • Apply cool towels, gently fan the skin and cool sprays of water can help bring the body temperature down.
  • If the person has any medical conditions or any concerns about their health, see a doctor ASAP.
rubber puppies enjoying their time playing while wearing sexy latex and rubber gear

Tips & Tricks To Avoid Heatstroke In Rubber Gear

Always choose your gear with an understanding of the climate you will be wearing it. An afternoon in the sun on a very hot summer day is not the day to wear full rubber gear!

Make sure you are well hydrated *before* you put on your gear and head out! The darker your urine is the more you need to top up your fluids!

Keep out of the sun as much as you can. Enjoy the shade knowing that you'll stay cooler and will also be protecting your expensive gear from the damage of sunlight.

Avoid alcohol, excessive exercise such as dancing and any substances that increase body heat (drugs like amphetamines, cocaine and even marijuana can lead to increased body temperature).

Take time to open up your gear and allow your skin to breath! Take a break, drink some cool water and let your body temperature regulate.

If you start to feel unwell, nauseous, faint or confused, get changed out of your gear and allow your body to get back to it's  normal temperature. Get out of the sun and rest while having a cool drink.

If someone faints or collapses, get medical help immediately. Get them out of the heat and help them cool by removing rubber gear and fan their skin to help cool them down. Cool towels and even sprays with a cool mist can help reduce temperature.

rubber puppies enjoying their time playing while wearing sexy latex and rubber gear

Look after yourself pups. It's great to look amazing in gear but it's no use if you pass out or feel sick. Look after yourself and your fellow rubber puppies!

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha.


Travelling Kinky

Travelling Kinky With Human Pup Play

Travel is one of my passions and travelling as a human pup can certainly present a few interesting situations. For this reason I wanted to share a few tips and tricks that Pup Boss and I picked up on our most recent travels to Europe and Asia.


travelling with kink gear

Travelling with gear can be tricky. It's a balance between packing your favourite kink clothing and the dreaded weight limits of local and international airlines.

One tip I recommend is if you're attending an event, think about what you want to wear for each day of the event, then half it!

Mix and match is the key to winning the kinky luggage challenge!

Remember your leather shirt can go with jeans as well as leather pants. With the right jeans you can go from day wear to restaurant smart casual! Think, "what will go with what?"

Airline Weight Limits

Most airlines are very strict with luggage limits. The first key is to know exactly how much you are allowed to bring!

First check your ticket to see how many bags and how many lbs or Kg you are allowed to pack. This is normally in the fare details of your fights.

Secondly know your airline status! The higher you are the more extra pounds you may be allowed. Top tier status of Qantas adds a very generous extra 30kg to your weight limit! It's worth checking!

On the topic of weight limits make sure you have a travel luggage scale! This baby can save you hundreds of dollars in excess luggage fees! They can easily be picked up at Amazon very cheap.  Here are some I highly recommend.

I like to pack hoods, tails and other delicate items in a plastic container to help ensure they don't get damaged in transit. Below is a quick video that explains what I mean.

Airport Security

Since 9/11 security has been consistently tight. Throughout the world airport screening can be a tense experience and it's really not a time to pick arguments or draw attention to yourself. It just pisses people off and slows the whole process down.

Tips that have worked well for me include:

  • Wear boots or shoes that come off easy. You will be taking them on and off so the easier the process the better for you. I love my Corcoran Boots for their big zipper side.
  • Consider if you wish to take your collar off temporarily. Yes I know our human pup collars are intimate however I think for the purpose of smooth travels even a hardened master would allow you to take off a chunky metal collar to allow easier travel. If you do choose to wear your padlocked collar it never hurts to have a key handy should the FDA want to get busy with bolt cutters.
    That said my chainmail collar has never triggered the system.
  • The same goes for chastity devices. Unless you are an exhibitionist, absolutely comfortable showing your junk to an underpaid, probably grumpy, security guard... Do you really want that potential hold up going through security?
  • Best tip I was ever given was "these guys are underpaid, over worked and yelled at all day. Give them a break, just follow the rules and they will leave you alone... Remember the less they have to deal with you means they can devote their time to protecting you from bad things happening on planes."

Douching while travelling

One thing that can be a pain to travel with is a douching kit. They can be fiddly, wet and bloody annoying to pack.

Today I saw this cool new travel douche by the guys at Mr S. You can check out the Skwert Douche here, and a great video with Pup Amp demonstrating below:

Help, I've Bought Too Much!!!

What can I say, one of the pleasures of travel is seeing so many amazing things, books and gear when visiting new places. It doesn't take too much to suddenly be over your weight or hand limit when it comes to carrying stuff!

This is where the local post service has saved my bacon! Books, leather and even gifts that I don't immediately need I pack up in boxes and send home.


Depending on the weight of your gear as well as how urgently you'll need it when you get home air or regular mail can be a great choice.

Be sure to check out for special deals. In France you can buy a prepaid 7kg box that ships airmail and costs half of what you would pay for normal airmail!

For non urgent but heavy items I will send by sea however remember it might take up to 10 weeks to arrive depending on where you send from.

If you ebay, DHL or other shipping accounts be sure to check out what's available before you travel. You may be able to get some great pre purchased deals!

On tip that can save you a lot of time and fiddly pen work is to pre print some home address labels for boxes as well as the forms you need to fill when posting gear home.

Final Tips

  • Prebook as many tours, restaurants and tickets as you can before you go. This can save you heaps of money and also help you plan your days while out and about.
  • Don't let people embarrass you for doing "tourist stuff". You're a tourist, go enjoy!
  • TripAdvisor.com is a fantastic resource. Do your research here for hotels, restaurants and attractions. It usually has heaps of GLBTI listings as well. It's a great resource and don't forget to leave your reviews after you leave! (Here are some of mine if your interested!)
  • Remember you can also pre-purchase tickets for public transport in most cities.
  • If you are heading to a country that does not speak english, learn a little of the local language. Enthusiasm and having a go will get you far and is a great way to meet fun people!

So there you go pups, just a few tips and tricks from our recent trip to Folsom Europe.

Please, if you have any travel tips, drop me a message in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha


Finding and Exploring New Human Pup Play Experiences

finding new human pup play experiences.
GPup Alpha, Zepher and Vulcan exploring the world of human pup play

When I first discovered human pup play that was very little information available. I did not have a trainer, I lived in a small rural town with no kink community and to be honest I felt isolated.

When I met my training, and now partner Pup Boss I was introduced to a whole new world of human pup training as well as other kink trainings that I didn't know existed.

Staring out in the community can be hard. We acknowledge this in a recent workshop we held at ACON (the AIDS Council Of New South Wales here in Australia).  In this video Jyan and I discuss some important tips on how to find new experiences if you are exploring puppy play.

Key points I get from this video:

  • Don't be afraid to try new stuff. There is many aspects to puppy play. Some you will love, some might be 'meh...' Give stuff a try, you just never know.
  • Go with your intuition. If something feels right go with it however if you don't feel safe or worried best to stop and evaluate.
  • If you are going to try new things, seek out experts or at the very least people who know their stuff...
  • Check out your local groups, they are a wealth of great people as well as experts in various aspects of kink and fetish play.

My question to you...

What would you recommend for people wishing to find new and interesting experiences in human pup play?

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha


Folsom Look #2 :Mr S Sailor Front Leather Apron


Check Out The Sailor Front Apron Here @ Mr S Leather

I have to admit that leather aprons are one of my favourite fetishes. I love how they can demonstrate both a refined “ready to serve” attitude while at the same time offer a masculine Dom look all in the same gear. The Sailor Front Leather Apron doesn’t disappoint in either of these propositions.

One huge additional bonus is what is not found in other aprons. A wonderful flap allowing full access to cock and balls of who ever may be wearing this great piece of gear.

As shown in the video the apron features a generous double zip flap at the front that opens out with plenty of room to suck, fuck, fondle, what ever holds your fantasy.


For your Dom side you can imagine being ready to simply unzip with your boy kneeling before you. Or having your sub or service pup in this apron and you having full access to his cock to either tease or perhaps lock him up in chastity all without needing to fumble with pants or underwear.

Depending on your local regulations you can mix and match with a jock or leather shorts however for me, nudity and the hint of “ready for fucking with just 2 zips” are what get me rock hard.

My favourite way to enjoy this apron is nude, well I do like to have my Corcoran boots and knee high Nasty Pig socks… This gives just a touch of modesty for more public spaces while at the same time offering clear view of all that is on offer. Just having the leather rubbing against my cock keeps me rock hard and knocking at that flap.

For me this is one Folsom look I highly recommend.

You can check out the apron here:

Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha


Hot Folsom Look #1

Great look for folsom street fair
Mr S Leather Basket Ball Shorts

Leather Basketball Shorts

These great shorts look amazing and have a nice street smart ready for Folsom. Add some knee pads and you are 100% ready to mosh and have fun as well. Available in red, blue, white they are a great choice for the day events right though to parties in the evening.

Leather Arm Bands

Show off your biceps while flagging your interests with these great armbands. These babies come in grey, red, yellow, blue and I am sure if you asked nicely the Mr S Leather team would be happy to help you out with any other colours you wish to show...

leather arm band with colour accent
Varsity Socks By Mr S Leather

Varsity Socks

Add this final flair of colour to your complete outfit. Coupled with your favourite runners this is a complete look that is going to kick ass!

These socks are made by Timoteo for Mr S and come in black with your choice of red, yellow, blue or white accents.

So Guys. I have to say I really like the sporty look. You get to enjoy the feel and warmth of leather while showing off a fun street style.

With Folsom this month and the holiday season here soon, these pieces could be the perfect gift for the boy, pup of Dom in your life.

Check Out All The Sports Gear Here @ Mr S

Hugs and Tugs,

Gpup Alpha


Awesome Leather Pup Photoshoot

Just wanted to give a huge shout out to the amazing Skye from One Last Look Photography… Had the best photoshoot…

Kick ass results don’t you think? This is one very happy leather dog





Rubber Pups @ Urge Black Auckland

Hey there Pups!

So Seca Pup and I ventured out to introduce a bit more rubber pup play to the Auckland scene.

Urge Black Auckland was a kick ass night and just wanted to give a huge thanks to Paul and Allan for an amazing night. Special cred to Love Your Condom NZAF as well for the great pics. You guys rock!!!

So if you are visiting NZ, be sure to look for any of the Urge parties. 🙂


Hugs and tugs,

Gpup Alpha


The Secret Life Of Human Pups, The Feed SBS

The Secret Life Of Human PupsJust two weeks ago Sirius Pups were invited to participate in a short documentary “The Secret Life Of Human Pups” by journalist Patrick Abboud @ The Feed SBS.

I have to say it was not an easy decision for us. Each participant had concerns, worries and hesitations. These aside, we were keen to help show a side of human pup play that we feel has not been captured before. A chance to show a human side without a “freak show kink” elements that has been portrayed in some previous dealings with the topic.

Today just 24 hours post release I am so relieved to see that not only a wonderfully professional and kind portrayal of animal role play, but also an overwhelmingly positive response from our community.

Participation in this project was not an easy decision. I had my own particular concerns.

Would I still have a job after it has aired?
What would happen if my patients saw this?
How were we going to be portrayed? After all we don’t have control of the editing once the shoot was finished.

So by Monday night we were on the edge of our seats waiting to see how we were going to be portrayed.

The final result? WOW!!! We were all so impressed with the wonderful piece that was created. If you’ve not seen it, please check it out below.

The Secret Life Of Human Pups by Patrick Abboud, SBS The Feed

What can I say, the response has been wonderfully positive. I am heartened to have had messages from Europe, The USA, Asia and Australia all sharing their own personal moments having watched the piece.

Despite waking at 4am worried, I awoke to wonderful messages of support. I had a totally normal day at work. I saw patients, had lunch and did it all again in the afternoon. All normal, “nothing to see here”….

Ahh so the world is still spinning, perhaps just that little bit “ruffier” knowing that coming out as a human pup is one thing I don’t need to do any more.

Huge hugs and tugs and thanks to all involved, it’s been a leap of faith and absolutely worth it.

If this piece has touched you, we’d love to hear. Let us hear your human pup pride 🙂 . RAWR!

Gpup Alpha, a fucking proud Sirius Pup.


Laird Leatherman Stephen Morgan Interviewed Part 3

Laird Leatherman Stephen MorganToday I share the final part of the 3 part interview with Stephen Morgan, Laird Leatherman 2015-16.

Laird Leatherman Stephen Morgan Interviewed Part 1 of 3

Laird Leatherman Stephen Morgan Interviewed Part 2 of 3

Gpup Alpha

Full Transcript here:

Gpup: In the top twenty there’s a, the marking system was forty percent for leather image, forty percent for presentation and twenty percent for physical appearance. For the people who were worried about bodies, it would appear that they’ve diminished that a little bit but you know.

Stephen: Yeah. That’s not the main focus of it.

Gpup: Now one of the commentary that I noticed, I was following along the Twitter feed during the process and there were people on stage who weren’t really … There were some people who could argue that they weren’t wearing leather or they weren’t wearing enough leather.

Stephen: In regards to the leather image section?

Gpup: Yeah.

Stephen: Leather image is not limited to just cow. Leatherman image is not just limited to hide. The classic of a leatherman going back to the seventies and eighties usually involves a black t-shirt, a bar vest and a pair of blue jeans. There’s not that much hide in that. I think if someone can carry off an image that represents the leather community, it doesn’t matter if they’re not wearing that much leather or not.

Gpup: If we look at your shirt, that is an example of the almost prototype leather man of the past say, that it’s a masculine image, with or without facial hair, but generally it’s. Now if we were to contrast that with say somebody wearing leather corset, how does that sit in the context of the IML competition?

Stephen: I think there’s scope in the IML competition to encourage not just masculine expressions of leather, which was probably made last year with Tuga with the high heals and the corset. There was a couple this year that were expressing themselves.

Gpup: Did that come across more as an expression of self rather than an expression of an ideology?

Stephen: Yeah, in both cases it was. They happened to love leather, but they have a more feminine side to their personalities. They were on stage being themselves, and I’d much rather see that than someone who’d much rather be in a corset standing out there in a pair of chaps.

Gpup: Yeah, yeah. Okay. I think that was one of the things that I noticed, because I don’t know these people, it’s really hard to do it from a Twitter feed isn’t it?

Stephen: Yeah, true.

Gpup: If wearing a corset is them, if I went and visited their home and they’re strutting around vacuuming in their corset …

Stephen: Jeremy said I’d love to have a zero win twice, it’s just exist in a corset. It’s like you go, you earned that. It’s yours and that’s how you … If that’s how you fantasize leather, then you should have every right to be able to express them in that way.

Gpup: Absolutely, it’s not like Violet and Chapsky has the exclusive rights to corsets in America. Okay. I was going through the contestants, and it’s a fairly white male event when you look at it from a very superficial point of view. I had a really interesting interview with one of the Onyx brothers and fascinating and so wonderful to hear of the strength that’s coming from that group. There were a few guys of Asian decent as well. Do you think that there’s room for more diversity within the leather community?

Stephen: One of the things is that’s wonderful that the leather community is that it embraces diversity. The number of non-white and Caucasian competitors was pretty, I think it was well represented there. It’s probably a fair representation of the existing leather community in the USA. There’s always greater scope for making the community more diverse, but I think the numbers that were there was probably because of how the actual leather community is represented.

Gpup: Okay, so you’d say it is a fair reflection of this is how it is currently?

Stephen: Yeah.

Gpup: Cool. How would you compare the US leather scene to the Australian leather scene?

Stephen: It’s much grander in scale. That’s the first glaringly obvious thing. I think there’s geographical variations in the US leather scene, from east to west coast, from northeast to southeast.

Gpup: In what way?

Stephen: I haven’t been to all those communities. I’m judging this on the basis of how they were represented to me through the contestants that I know. I spent time in New York, I spent time in San Francisco, a little bit of time in Miami, so I haven’t actually seen a lot of the non sort of main touristy cities in the US. Melbourne’s got a really strong leather scene that is up there with everything that I’ve seen anywhere else in terms of diversity, in terms of size, and in terms of community involvement with those that are in the leather community here. I think that you can divide the leather community in the states into the party community and those that take it a lot more seriously. I think that division’s comparable to here as well.

Gpup: Say for example, if you go to one of the local leather parties, that you’re going to have people that you know, you’ve arrived and you know well okay these are established people within the community and I know them well, and then you will see some people who might still have the swing tag hanging from their mandatory piece of leather. A similar comparison has been made within the pup community as well, but I wonder, these are the people who we’re going to need to foster because …

Stephen: I was one of those people at one point, where I went to a party up with the Birdheims, but I found a community that I resonated with. Not everyone has a full kit of gear when they first go out.

Gpup: It’s expensive.

Stephen: It is very expensive. It’s probably why you see the rising popularity of the rubber community with the younger guys, it’s because that it is more economically accessible. At the same time, I don’t think it’s fair to be dismissive in any way, shape or form with those people because they are …

Gpup: The future.

Stephen: Yeah.

Gpup: Within the leather community, there’s a lot of crossover, and one of the big crossovers is, and it’s a community you’ve had connection with as well as the pup community. What was IML like from a handler perspective?

Stephen: There were a lot of pups there. The popularity of pup play is growing and growing and growing and is becoming a very integral part to the leather community as well. I was actually waiting for my interview at the time, but they had a discussion on leather  pup play, and that they had allowed a certain sized venue within the hotel. They had that to capacity and twice over, which gives an idea of how interested people are in it. It’s really great to see the diversity of the hoods that have been developed and how much more intricate they’re getting, which means people can express their own identities, rather than having a generic off-the-shelf hood in black. Which was where things were at not too long ago. I think the pup community assimilates well with the broader leather community, and is integral particularly from a handlers point of view. It does sort of sit quite nicely.

Gpup: I think currently there’s and I think this is almost universal. I don’t know but it’s the Tupperware drawer issue that there’s lots of pups but not quite as many handlers. I wonder is this, again are we fostering new generations of handlers and leathermen and you know from a futuristic perspective, if we project ourselves forward, what do you think is some good things we can do to encourage mentorship within all pup kink communities.

Stephen: Making sure the events are inclusive is the key one. If you encourage events that are say are just pups, and there’s no crossover with the leather community, you might find that there are some very willing leathermen that would be handlers for pups that maybe don’t identify as pups themselves, but enjoy being in that environment. If you can cross over and cross pollinate events with different sectors of the community, you’re going to find people that resonate with one or two different elements. That will be important in creating the environment where mentorship can happen.

Gpup: I think initially some of the interface between say the pup community and the leather community was a little bit awkward, and there were some rough patches, but it would appear that that’s, everyone’s making it a safe ground now.

Stephen: Yeah. I think mostly that’s because there’s no definition of what pup play is. There’s no definition of what constitutes a good pup or a bad pup or an indifferent pup. People can get involved into that scene to the depth that they’re comfortable with. I think that’s the key thing to remember with all kink players that people are going to work within their own comfort levels. For some it might mean getting into full kit, helm, hand pads, knee pads and getting out and completely pupping out. For others it might be a way they interact in their greetings with their mates. For others it might be a more sexual role, for others it won’t be a sexual role at all. That’s something that I think, because there’s no handbook or hand guides for these kinks that have been long established. Everyone has the right to express their kink how they see fit.

Gpup: I think we forget that it’s not a zero sum game. Everyone’s able to come to the table and bring their own, it’s like pot luck really isn’t it. Pretty gross.

Stephen: Yeah. One thing I enjoy when I greet pups is to greet them in a pup manner. That doesn’t make me a pup because that’s not what I identify with.

Gpup: I think if you [inaudible 00:14:00] pups, we don’t greet them in a human way every time either.

Stephen: No. There’s that sort of element which is … That’s what’s great about bringing diversity into any community, is that we write our own rules.

Gpup: Yeah. We’ve jabbered on for some time, quite some time and I really appreciate you energy and being able to keep up with this. Perhaps in closing where do you see the leather community in the next five to ten years?

Stephen: I wish I had a crystal ball. I would like to hope that the leather community is going to … It’s going to be different to what I expect. That’s the one thing that I am sure about. I would like to hope that it’s grown. I was going to say that I hope some of the misconceptions and people’s prejudices about it would be broken down but in the other respect that’s part of the allure of the community. If it was openly on the table for everyone, I think it wouldn’t have the magic that I find with it. I’d like to think that for those who are interested in it, they have a safe place to come and explore at their own pace.

Gpup: With that in mind, if there was a young person who’s sitting at home, watching this video, and they don’t know where to start and they … No connections to the community at all, what would you recommend to them?

Stephen: Reach out to … If you’re in Australia, reach out to one of your local clubs. We’ve got them in Brisbane, we’ve got them in Sidney, we’ve got them in Melbourne. Reach out to a title holder of those clubs of our. Ask them where would be the best place to go. Ask them what would they want to do. Come along to something. Remember if you come along to something, just take it at your own pace.

Gpup: You don’t have to have formal leathers to [inaudible 00:16:31][crosstalk 00:16:31]

Stephen: You don’t have to have a … No, no. God no. Borrow something off a friend, see if you like it.

Gpup: Yeah, yeah.

Stephen: Come along, have a look and give it a shot.

Gpup: Cool. If somebody wanted to contact you, what would be the best way for them to contact you?

Stephen: Go through Facebook and search Laird Leatherman that would be a very easy way of doing it.

Gpup: Okay. Sounds good. Are there any closing points that you would like to share with the group?

Stephen: All I can say is get involved if you want to do it. Get out there and throw your hat into the ring, because you’ll have a good time.

Gpup: Cool. Well thank you very much Steve. You’re Daddy Steve, I apologize.

Stephen: It doesn’t matter.

Gpup: Your time is really appreciated and I look forward to hearing the response from the community from your great open and sharing in this chat.


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